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Sourcelogique is distinguished by its expertise in the fields of outsourcing and recruitment, by a personalized approach to meet the specific needs of our clients.

To enable our partners to effectively delegate operational tasks, we are committed to providing high-quality outsourcing services. In addition, our recruitment department uses innovative methodologies to identify the most qualified talents for our clients to ensure a perfect alignment between the required skills and the needs of the company.


  • GRC "Governance, Risk Management and Compliance".

  • "IT Audit, Cyber Security and Internal Audit".

  • Support to operations "strategic development, financial report, budget and cash Flow Management".

  • Environmental audit.

  • Recruitment.

Recruitment of new talents

  • Development of strategies to attract potential candidates.

  • Reviewing CVs and conducting interviews.

  • Management of the recruitment process through interviews with all candidates.

  • Follow-up after hiring to ensure that new employees meet company expectations.

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