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Environmental audit

Environmental audit plays a crucial role in today's business landscape. The integration of environmental considerations into business operations is increasingly seen as a critical aspect of long-term success.


Chapter Q-2 of the Environmental Quality Act makes companies responsible for the recovery of their products placed on the market. Containers, prints, oils, oil containers, batteries and electronics are targeted products. Companies are required by law to report quantities placed on the market and to contribute to the various collection schemes.

Our expertise

sourceLogique allows you to make your statements securely and in accordance with applicable laws.


sourceLogique helps you develop your teams. A confidential transfer of knowledge.


sourceLogique offers you technical and personalized advice and recommendations.

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With management and reporting programs specially designed for you, sourceLogique supports your environmental commitment declarations while optimizing your processes.

Our consultants carry out:

- An examination of the subject area.

- Completing all your "eco-fees" programs.

- Create a unique discount strategy for your business.


You are subject to an environmental fees program and wish to fulfill your responsibilities, but you don't have an idea?

sourceLogique is here for you, our consultants proceed to:

- Integrate best practices to follow.

- Review your monthly and annual declarations.

- Validate product categories in various programs.


sourceLogique offers various advice on environmental obligations in order to reduce your taxes and promote sustainable economies.

Our team of consultants offers:

- An optimization of your products and packaging.

- Tricks to make declarations and identifications.

- A review of your IT processes and systems to assess their effectiveness.

- Suggestions after the audit.

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