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Junior auditor

Casablanca, Morocco

Type of employment




About the Role

    - Participate in financial, operational or compliance audits under the supervision of the audit team.
    - Gather financial data, perform analyzes and assessments to identify potential risks.
    - Review accounting records, financial statements and other information for inconsistencies or irregularities.
    - Assist in the development and updating of audit procedures in accordance with current standards and regulations.
    - Work closely with senior auditors to understand audit processes and learn from best practices.
    - Contribute to the writing of detailed audit reports with appropriate conclusions and recommendations.

    - You hold a Master's degree (Bac+5) from a school of business and management with a specialization in finance or audit, ideally having previous experience in Audit (especially through internships).

    - You are passionate about the Audit profession.

    - You are responsive and organized.

    - You have a sense of teamwork and are agile.

    - You master French and English both orally and in writing and possess excellent interpersonal skills


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